Martha Ellen, Ready-To-Wear

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on the ground floor at Lippo Mall Kemang.

Lippo Mall Kemang  :
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36.
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12150
Open : 10 AM - 10 PM

Client Testimonials

Martha has dressed over 600 clients and counting. For made-to-order enquiries please email:

"Wore my jacket today and got lots of compliments!"
Henreike, Germany & Jakarta, Indonesia

"Wore my dress and jacket to the conference in Brunei, lots of people loved it."
Fi, Philippines & Jakarta, Indonesia

“I have always loved Martha’s blend of modern and cute design and sustainable and conscious sourcing of traditional fabrics. Her creations are fantastic international ambassadors for Indonesian textiles.”
Christi Hang, Editor, Honeycombers Jakarta and Jakarta Globe

"Yesterday wore my black Pippa jacket and today my Jess dress to work, Loving them! X"
Korin, Sydney, Australia

"Loving my dress by Martha Ellen!"
Rishya, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Thank you Martha - I love my jacket, it fits perfectly!"
Sonya, UK

"Thank you for making tenun ikat into the beautiful dresses and to promote our heritage also."
Hasna, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I wore the Jess dress today at a reception and everyone liked it very much!"
Yukiko, Japan

"It's beautiful!
Had a great Monday wearing it x"
Lauren Rumble, South Africa

“The first time I met Martha was at the Brightspot market, and I was looking for a chic Tenun blazer. I found one that I've been looking for between her collection and straight away bought it. Since then, Martha has been making me chic and unique clothes which really represent who I am. I love the Tenun even more and her simple yet sophisticated design has become part of me very well. I'm very lucky to have her as my friend, fashion consultant and also designer.”
Hueny Law, loyal customer & friend, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Really enjoyed my time in the boutique trying on all the lovely designs and loving the outfits I got!”.(“I’m wearing the skirt for the first time today and absolutely love it!”)
Dawn Herdman, President Director, Illuminate Research, Indonesia

“Its a very personalised service that you provide and that means a lot to me. I wore the jacket today to a function that i attended for the Indonesian heritage Society- a few women commented on how nice it was. I also looked at your website and love your short story about you and your love of Ikat.”
Carina van Diermen, Australia

"I love all of Martha's designs, they are so unique and really stand out. They’re so versatile - I can wear them in the office and then easily on to a drinks party in the evening. So feminine, but always with a little bit of glamour, which makes me feel special every time I wear them. Also the balance of glamour and ethically produced clothing is just right with all of Martha's gorgeous designs.”
Nina Zenovya Holmes, London, UK

“Martha Ellen representing in Seattle! So many compliments on your dress!”
Amy Watson, Seattle, USA

“It's beautiful! Had a great Monday wearing it”
Lauren Rumble, South Africa

"Got so many compliments about this outfit and luckily I had a matching blazer to go with it! Absolutely love this outfit and it fits like a glove...lucky me! Beautiful workwomanship and design, fab lines, elegant look, vivid colour. LOVE IT!"
Natasha Boojihawon, Manchester, UK

"Martha just to say your designs are fantastic. I wore your piece for my birthday dinner.”
TP, London, UK

"It's very comfy, thank you, I love it!”
Maria Tania, Dewi magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Very many thanks for posting my lovely new dress. It's beautiful and fits perfectly. How lucky am I ?!”
Susi Anderson, Kent, UK

"Just couldn’t resist buying this cropped ikat outer by Martha Ellen. Its suits me perfectly, thank you Martha such a lovely collection."
Indy, Jakarta, Indonesia